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that will be decided on as governor ron any says, big issues, not just small ball that obama is playing with. and, peter, i can tell you the benghazi issue is playing big time as well as the economic growth and job creation but the leadership issue in ohio is benghazi. >> what is the leadership issue on benghazi? what do you mean by that, ken? >> well, what i mean by that is the people are questioning why he was going on comedy central, why he was, you know, worrying about contraception at a time when he and his top officials understood that he we were under attack. that's a serious leadership issue and people are starting to raise that question. the other thing is that he has underplayed women. women are concerned about issues beyond abortion and reproductive rights. they are small business owners. they are concerned about the flight of capital and the difficulty of high taxation and things of that nature. so, this is an issue where it's going to come down to election day and while the republics have cob sen traited on what i call low propensity voters and democrats have tried to bank their -- t
obama will be here in briscoe later on this afternoon. governor romney will make one more visit to virginia in the next three days before ballots are cast. big part of mitt romney's catch has been to military voters. the two biggest cities in virginia are virginia beach and norfolk. they both have enormous military populations. mitt romney has been telling them that if he is elected president, he will stop to sequester those automatic defense cuts. listen to this. >> the strong american military, so strong no one would think of testing it. so strong that people would rather meet us on the bargaining table than on the battlefield that is essential to us and to the world. unlike the president, i will will restore that funding to our military. >> mitt romney has also been in virginia to help george allen get elected to the u.s. senate. allen is a former senator and governor of virginia. and he is trailing right now in the real clear politics average of polls to another former governor of virginia. democrat tim cane by about 0.8 points. the two men have raised about $30 million comb
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)